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Antipasto Pro font is from the geometric sans serif typeface family. Its designer is Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini. It is the rework and expansion of the Antipasto font. It has around terminals and shapes. This font has a text style that is very legible and attractive. It is suitable for a wide range of projects whether it’s print or on-screen.

This font is an expansion of its original font family Antipasto. Before this font Antipasto had only three weights but now this font family has a total of 9 weights. It contains more than 700 characters and glyphs that include uppercase letters, lowercase letters, Cyrillic characters, Greek characters, symbols, numbers, and special characters.


This font provides large language support and OpenType features due to which this font is very famous to use. This font is available for both personal and professional purposes. And It is available in both TrueType and OpenType formats. Download this font now and start using that.


Due to its lovely and attractive design, this font is perfect for your ongoing and upcoming designs. It is mostly used for branding and logo designing. Designers are widely using this font for a wide range of projects and designs due to its features. It is ideal for your creative projects and designs.

You can use this font for posters, banners, flyers, brochures, business cards, invitation cards, and much more. This font will give your designs a unique and elegant appearance due to which your designs become famous and noticeable in the market.

This font is excellent to use on the web. It works better for both larger and shorter section text due to its good discipline designing pattern. You can use this font on minimalist websites to grab the attention of the customers towards the product and service you are providing.

View Of Antipasto Pro Font

Antipasto Pro Font

Font Information

Name Antipasto Pro Font
DesignerCosimo Lorenzo Pancini
StyleSans Serif
File FormatTTF, OTF
LicenseFree for personal use

License Information

Antipasto Pro is free for personal use but you have to buy its full version or get its license for commercial purposes. Read its license first for full details before using the font.

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Antipasto Pro Font Family Includes

  • Antipasto Regular
  • Antipasto-Pro Regular
  • Antipasto Pro Light
  • Antipasto-Pro Medium
  • Antipasto Pro Bold
  • Antipasto-Pro Thin
  • Antipasto Pro Hairline
  • Antipasto-Pro Extralight
  • Antipasto Pro DemiBold
  • Antipasto-Pro ExtraBold

Language Support

Albanian, English, Spanish, Irish, Croatian, Belarusian, Hebrew, Thai, Luxembourgian, Russian, Portuguese, Belarusian (Latin), Swedish, Greek and Dutch Kurdish (Latin), Vietnamese in Latin, Ukrainian, Polish, Italian, Turkish, French, Arabic, Greek, Cyrillic, Romanian, Kazakh (Latin), Czech, Icelandic, Basque, Estonian, Hebrew, Bulgarian, Serbian (Cyrillic), Urdu, German, Persian, Hungarian, Danish, Serbian (Latin), Slovenian, Slovak, Finnish, Latvian, Lithuanian.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Antipasto Pro font websafe?

Yes, this font is good and safe to use on the web. It provides you with many important features due to which this font is ideal to use on the minimalist web.

Can I use Antipasto Pro font on my logo?

Yes, you can use this font on your logo for personal use but for commercial use, you need to get permission or license from its author.

Where do I get Antipasto Pro font?

You can get this font by clicking on the download button provided above in the download section without any cost.

Is Antipasto Pro font available in windows?

No, it is not available in windows by default but you can use this font in windows after downloading this font. Read its license for full details before using this font in windows.

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