Friz Quadrata Font Free Download

Friz Quadrata Font falls in the category of Glyphic Serif typeface. This font is designed by Ernst Friz and with the help of Victor Caruso for Visual Graphics Corporation in 1965. VGC collaborated with the International Typeface Corporation to produce additional bold Weight.

Because of usage in the Display projects this font style acquired really good popularity as of realistic Weight, a style which is available in this font is also helpful by using painter font and the texture of this font is worth recognizing and amazing.


Friz Quadrata Font is available for different formats so that people can easily utilize or use this typeface on different devices (according to the availability of the device). This textured style is the italic and bold type of design, there is also a tool generator that is available for free of cost.


Many organizations use this type of font style different Schools, Colleges, Universities, and other educational institutes in their logos and their websites designs, and all institutes try to experiment with this font in different Designs.

This typeface is usually used for short text or public signs and headlines. The font has been used by people for so many different motion pictures, covers, Movies, Logos of the T.V shows. Friz Quadrata Font has been used in making so many different video games titles.

This is popular amongst particularly in Civil Institutes and Government. The Chilean Government also used this font. This Font style is also famous around the world in the Entertainment industry.

View of Friz Quadrata Font Family

Friz Quadrata Font

Font Information

NameFriz Quadrata
DesignerErnst Friz and Victor Caruso
StyleSans serif
File FormatOTF, TTF
LicenseFree For Personal Use

License Information

This type of font is available for your own project free of cost. If someone wants to use this Font as a commercial Assignment, then the person has to purchase the licensed font from its designer/author.

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Friz Quadrata Font Family Includes

This Font includes 2 typeface

  • Bold-Italic
  • Pro-Bold

Language Support

This type of font design supports different kinds of languages, for example, Hungarian, Belarusian (Latin), Dutch, Ukrainian, Turkish, Kurdish (Latin), Croatian, Kazakh (Latin), Polish, Italian, Spanish, English, Serbian (Latin), Icelandic (Latin), Latvian, Irish, Luxembourgian, Basque, etc.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the closest font to Friz Quadrata Font?

There are two similar Fonts Design, the first one is Albertus, and the second one is Alverata

Is Friz Quadrata font Free?

This font style design is free to use for personal use. But if anyone wants to use it as a commercial then you have to purchase it from its designer/author.

What type of Friz Quadrata typeface is?

The font style is a type of design related to serif typeface.

Who designed the Friz Quadrata?

Ernst Friz and Victor Caruso designed this font style for VGC 1965.

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